Tuesday, 15 April 2014

15,000 #Muslims In Central #Africa Cordoned

BANGUI April 14, 2014 - There are about 15,000 Muslims in the Central African Republic (RAT) trapped in the capital and confronted threat of being killed and property seized by the Christian militia group besieged the city.

Officials of the United Nations (UN) repeated warnings Muslims are vulnerable with danger in Bangui and should be moved to a safer area in the northern part of the country or abroad.

The presence of thousands of French and African troops in Bangui incapable of giving protection to the Muslim, though the UN Security Council approved the deployment of 12,000 peacekeepers to the region on Thursday.

Presstv news portal reported most of the Muslim community in the town of Boda RAT caught and about two thousand people were reported killed since violence religion erupted in the town last December.

On the same time, African peacekeepers escorting more than 1,000 Muslims were fleeing from militia Christians attacks in Bossangoa, yesterday.

Police sources reported that all residents who fled was taken heading into neighboring Chad and none of the Muslim population living in the town.

Meanwhile, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon expressed concern about reports of possible genocide in RAT causing minority Muslim been displaced.

Ki-moon also urged leaders to avoid the recurrence of the crime of genocide as happened in Rwanda about 20 years ago.

"Do not repeat such mistakes in Rwanda in 1994, which saw 18,000 people were murdered en masse.

"Take a lesson, and the future of this country lies in your hands (RAT leaders)," he said during a visit to Bangui, yesterday. - AFP

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