Saturday, 3 May 2014

CNN BASTARD OF THE WORLD @CNN #CNN #newscnn #CNNTelevisionNetwork

Another stupid mistake made by CNN. Somehow they were revealing and emphasise that they are the most news network moron in the world.

Either it is accidentally or incidentally made by naming Angus Houston as an Malaysian Acting Transport Minister.

Your silly sarcasm made the world even annoyed to watch your super annoying news content that biased and discriminatory.

CNN bastard idea always bastard to the max as what happened during the Gulf War, when a journalist was faking his report by saying he is in the war zone, while he was actually did the reporting at the hotel lobby.

That was the time when George Bush declaring war against Saddam Hussein. And few years later, the so called brat son finally manage to topple Saddam Hussein using the Iraqis power.

Everyone knows your bullshit idea. Poor you CNN. Pity of you. Malaysians are not fool by your stupid ass idea. 

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