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#Penang folk playing blame game. #DAP #PR

FINGER-POINTING: From 'Bukit Botak' to 'Line Clear', and a DAP loss, politicians and laymen have several issues to pick on

THESE are trying times for some in Penang. Without any order of importance, some Penangites are still bickering over the loss of  the  DAP candidate in the Teluk Intan by-election.

There is a blame game being played between the losers and winners. More so by the losers.

Among the losing pact, so-called friends are seen picking on each other, but, surprisingly, not PKR, which had pretty much kept its opinions on the matter to itself, considering it also has its own share of housekeeping issues.

After blaming Barisan Nasional of main kotor (foul play), some quarters in DAP were alleged to have also blamed Pas' plans for hudud as a major contributor for DAP candidate Dyana Sofya Mohd Daud's loss.

Just a few days before DAP's latest darling's defeat, a group of angry men stormed into the Penang state legislative assembly hall looking for an assemblyman they alleged had uttered anti-Umno remarks during the Bukit Gelugor parliamentary by-election and in the august house.

It was an unprecedented action by the group, many on both sides of the political divide would agree.

The matter had yet to be resolved, and both Penang BN assemblymen and their Pakatan counterparts are still too proud to admit "who is at fault".
Thus, the blame game continues.

Another interesting turn of events is a suit against a Yang Berhormat.
A non-governmental organisation, Citizen Awareness Group (Chant), has pledged to support Tanjung Bungah assemblyman Teh Yee Cheu in fighting a lawsuit brought against him by a developer and local tycoon.

Chant legal adviser Yan Lee had expressed disappointment that Teh, a leading environmental activist, was being sued for highlighting the illegal clearing of hill land in Bukit Relau, which has since become known as "Bukit Botak".

To some, it appeared that his colleagues in the ruling government had abandoned him.

Yan said it was sad that Teh , who had been vocal on a number of issues, was being sued to shut him up.

"Instead of being commended for highlighting environmental issues, he is being sued," Yan was reported as saying.

Teh was also considered to have annoyed the powers-that-be when he proposed to table a motion for a transgender rights committee at the last state legislative assembly sitting.

He had also planned to seek RM200,000 a year in funding to set up an institute to organise various awareness and educational programmes.

However, he was subsequently forced to withdraw his proposal due to lack of support, even from his backbencher friends.

Teh was quoted by a news portal as saying that "It's all of them against me, alone, and since it's a democracy, I have to withdraw my motion".

Another blame game, which has caught the imagination of many, involves the famous Line Clear nasi kandar restaurant.

Famous for its fish head curry and giant tiger prawns as well as its finger-licking ayam goreng, the future of the revered food icon is uncertain, with at least four people claiming ownership of the eatery, which many say is synonymous with Penang.

The present "owner" is hauling the three heir-wannabes to court after claiming they were after his father's once humble food stall, which had now become an iconic Indian Muslim eatery.

Far from trying to solve, let alone own up for the things that have gone awry, some prefer taking the easy way out by putting blame or guilt on another party.
They say the blame game is the oldest game known to Man. People who point fingers are really just afraid and ashamed of themselves.

For some in Penang, these are really trying times -- blaming another for their weaknesses.
Source : NewStraitsTimes

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