Friday, 11 July 2014


Dear DAP Leaders and Dr. P. Ramasamy,

Need I remind you that May 13th, 1969 was a dark blotch in Malaysia’s otherwise clean history? Neighbour turned against neighbour. Friends turned to foes. And the blood of innocent Malaysians painted the streets of Malaysia. Our history was meant to teach us a bitter lesson; creating racial dissention wasn’t worth the blood spilt. You would think that this was a lesson that everyone carries with them today, but nope, it seems to have missed its mark with Dr. P. Ramasamy.

The DPM recently released a statement, discouraging Malaysians from criticizing one another’s religious or ethnic practices, saying that doing so might lead to a repeat of May 13th. Which in light of the racial and religious issues that are going on today, I thought was a fair statement to make, reminding people of their past doesn’t hurt. However, the DPM’s statement did not sit well with Dr. Ramasamy. In response, Dr. Ramasamy challenged the DPM to “bring May 13” that DAP were not scared of May 13. That they were game for a repeat of May 13.

Of course you’re not scared, if May 13th breaks out again, you will be safe. You will still be rich and have power. You won’t even be touched by the violence, doctor, because you will have bodyguards to protect you. May 13th doesn’t affect people like you, it affects people like me, businessmen, and average Malaysians.

You think it’s a joke when people are being slashed on the street just because they look Chinese or Indian or Malay? You are a representative of the people, but who the hell are you representing? I voted for DAP but those are certainly not my views. You are a leader of people, you are supposed to carry the responsibility of our lives and livelihood on your shoulders, and yet you make statements that encourage violence and economic instability?!?!        

Are you blind Doctor? Do you not see what is happening amongst our neighbours in Thailand and Indonesia? Riots have caused their economies to plummet. My business countrerparts in Thailand are suffering because of the political unrest in their country. Is that what you want for Malaysia? Maybe it is, because if the economy goes down people like you, who have money, benefit because you have money to spend in a shit economy. But for the average people in Malaysia, we suffer! Business suffers! We can’t make money when people are scared to walk the streets!

Aren’t you a proud Malaysian, Doctor? I pride myself on being a Malaysian because we are one of the most peaceful countries in South East Asia. And you want to change all that. Do you realize that another May 13 would mean Malaysia would be thrust into Emergency mode? That we would be at the mercy of the military and the police? That YOU would be at their mercy? The power that you have gained through our votes would mean nothing, it would be the end of democracy. Good Luck to you should that happen. Did you think before you spoke?

Doctor, we are not the United States of America, who can afford to go to war. We are a developing country, having even the slightest bit of unrest is detrimental for our economy. How are we ever going to achieve first world economy status with people like you encouraging violence?!? And here you are a leader who professes to want the best for his nation encouraging people to fight one another, consequences be damned.

I voted for DAP and its leaders because I had faith in your vision of a better Malaysia, where everyone was equal. But if your vision has changed to one of violence and dissention to get what you want, then I am ashamed of my decision. You’re not the responsible leaders I thought you were. You are not looking out for my betterment, you are looking out for yours, because unlike you I cannot afford May 13 and I AM scared.

A Disappointed Supporter. 

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Anonymous said...

Rakyat memaki hamun, menghina bangsa dan agama lain dengan hasutan pemimpin2 politik. Rakyat juga bersalah kerana menyokong pemimpin2 yang racist yang sentiasa menghasut untuk mendapatkan undi rakyat. Mereka akan terus menghasut selagi rakyat menyokong mereka. Jadi rakyat perlu bijak membuat pilihan. Apa yang termaktub di dalam Perlembagaan tidak boleh diusik kerana ianya mengundang kemarahan. Selama ini kita hidup dengan aman dan makmur bersatu padu. Tapi yang peliknya sekarang ini bangsa cina yang sudah kaya raya mengatakan mereka dizalimi dan menghentam kaum Bumiputra yang masih lagi miskin. Mereka menghina agama Islam sedangkan orang2 Islam tidak pernah menghina agama mereka. Sedarkah mereka semakin Islam dihina semakin ramai orang memeluk Islam. Mengikut perkiraan demography penduduk dunia, pada tahun 2050, umat Islam adalah majoriti penduduk dunia dan umat Islam akan menjadi majoriti penduduk Eropah lebih awal dari itu. Untuk maklumat lanjut sila google/youtube 'conversion to Islam'. Maaf sedikit menyimpang dari tajuk.

Saya bersetuju dengan penulis kerana Dr P Ramasamy sebenarnya tidak tahu apa yang berlaku pada Mei 13. Apa yang terjadi sebenar lebih buruk dari yang dilapurkan. Mengikut cerita bapa saya, disebuah pekan dikampungnya, semua orang2 di pekan itu dibakar hidup2 di dalam kedai mereka. So, don't say bring it. Sebab bila Melayu mengamuk buruk padahnya.

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