Thursday, 27 August 2015

#Bersih4 Haunted With 40K #Bangla Lie,Failed #DAP CEC Excel Sheet & #PKR's Kerusi Terbang Mayhem?

Dear Maria Chin Abdullah,

From what I understand Bersih is a coalition of non-governmental organisations (NGOs) that seeks to reform the current electoral system in Malaysia to ensure free, clean and fair elections. This is the backbone of Bersih, right?

However I am a little puzzled to the objective of the upcoming Bersih 4.0 rally scheduled between Aug 29-30, 2015 that is being held across three cities to demand the resignation of Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak as well as to urge an end to corruption scandals in the country. It is completely different from the initial objective of your organisation. Perhaps Bersih amended their objective, as they say ‘ikut arus pergolakan politik semasa’.

I am sure you would have heard the saying ‘Be the change you want to see in the world’, right? Perhaps Bersih should start to adhere to this connotation first. I suggest for a start you should ‘cleanse’ Rafizi Ramli from his perpetual lies especially with regard to phantom voters and blackouts during an election.

I am sure you remember how Rafizi claimed there were many phantom voters during the last general election and blackouts that happened in polling stations. He even produced a photograph that was eventually proven to be a fake one.

Post-general election, your own Citizen Monitoring Group, Pemantau said it did not find irregularities such as power failures and foreign voters in the 87 parliamentary seats it observed. Pemantau added that upon checking with colleagues in other polling stations, no such blackout incident actually occurred.

Even DAP’s election strategist OngKian Ming concurred with Pemantau’s findings. After that, suddenly all allegations ended and Rafizi was unable to substantiate his claims with any real evidence. Come next election, Rafizi will start playing the phantom voters-blackout sandiwara again. Maybe the Bersih committee should place Rafizi in the middle of the street and give him a ‘mandi bunga’ to wash away the ‘lying ghost’ in him. Please do not forget to clean up after that.

Speaking about cleaning up, I was rather disappointed that Bersih did not gather a group of hundred thousands of Malaysians to help post-Kelantan floods. I don’t remember seeing any such large Bersih group cleaning up when the poor people needed help. Please do not tell me you all sent aid in the form of food and water. There was an abundance of that. Physically present people were lacking.

Why not sit at home and rally?

If sitting at home in the air-condition and giving cash to purchase essentials was the only thing you think was needed, why not sit at home and rally also, perhaps through Skype or something? I am sure you could have amended your objectives to help when the flood problem arose right? Or was that not noble enough to enable you to get international publicity?

I am sure your esteemed committee is aware of the worst-hit dengue outbreak in the country this year, right? I suggest during the gathering end of August you encourage fellow protestors to bring along brooms, shovels and other cleaning utensils as well. With a large number of people cleaning the drains, roads and removing source of stagnant water would definitely do more benefit to the country than screaming over a micro- or megaphone.

You are definitely aware that dengue cannot be eradicated by medications or fogging, right? The only way to curb this disease is by destroying breeding sites of the dengue mosquito. Perhaps Bersih can get the ball rolling come Aug 29-30. It definitely fits in with the name of your organisation.

From the previous Bersih rallies, it is a no-brainer that the leaders from the opposition strongly second your initiatives. Please be unbiased and rally against the continuous destruction of villages in Penang, too.

Although Bersih appears to only cater for the above average income group, kindly do have consideration to champion the rights of the poor as well. Historical villages in Penang are being destroyed and the underprivileged ones have no shelter to resort to. Kindly urge Lim Guan Eng to be a little more sympathetic towards the non-Chinese in Penang especially with regard to their homes.

Lastly, after two days of creating mess, the honours are always on the organiser to ensure the streets are clean. Please do not forget to clean up the rubbish your protesters litter. We saw how filthy the streets were after your previous rallies. Please do not expect the Majlis Perbandaran who happen to be people of the lower-income bracket to clean up for you. It simply shows your disregard to cleanliness and it is going against the name of your own organisation.

I am sure Bersih would not want to be known as a group that causes Kekotoran to the city especially one day before our country celebrates Independence.

So far, your previous three episodes of soap-opera rally have yielded no outcomes to the very reason you gather. Your fourth will be no different as well. Instead of causing a mess in town, please focus your energy in more positive things that would actually make a difference.

If you think you can emulate the 2005 Orange Revolution in Ukraine or 2011 Arab Spring in Egypt, let me tell you that two days of glory hunting ain’t going to achieve anything. The Hong Kongers did it every day for months before a change was brought about. Malaysians are too comfortable with their lifestyle to cause any unrest. Nevertheless, good luck in trying.

Wish you a very good day.

Thank You.

Bob Ramli

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