Thursday, 3 September 2015

Jose Ugaz: The Peruvian Who's Eating His Own Words

"Global watchdog group Transparency International’s annual corruption index showed that Peru falls within a category that includes countries with a “serious corruption problem.” (Peru Times, 2015).

The statement above was quoted from the International Observer, denoting the chronicity of corruption in Peru. There has never been a year where the country escapes being placed poorly (approx 38 - 34) in the corruption index and we are talking about a span of almost 20 years! But now, some fellow Peruvian by the name of Jose Ugaz is trying to teach the Malaysians a thing or two about corruption? That's bullshit if you ask me.

Jose Ugaz The Decepticon

Malaysians love their country. For years under prudent and world class administration (8th Most Efficient Government In The World by WEF), we have seen this country of ours blossommed into a high paced developing nation. So when some crook came here and thrash-talked about Malaysia when his motherland is widely known to be as corrupted as a Chineseman, how would you react? When Malaysia agreed to host the IACC, the political donation claims were not even heard of. And without making any research on his own, Ugaz chose to listen to the same mouths who lied about the 40,000 Bangladeshi phantom voters and the same people who've shamely staged blackout scenes during our recent General Elections, ending up making a fool of himself and his motherland.

His speech yesterday was very rude and full of hatred, the kind of speech that you would get when you listen to the seditious speeches from the opposition. Having said that, it is not surprising to conclude that Mr Ugaz himself finds inclination towards the Malaysian opposition while at the same time he is ironically representing his government!

Such conclusion brings us to the question as to who has paid him to speak ill of the host in front of the whole world?Are you under some sort of pressure to condemn Malaysia?They must have paid you a hefty amount considering the poor standing of Peru in the Corruption Index annually since 1999.

For years the Peruvian government has failed to resolve the corruption scandal that brought down its former President Alberto Fujimori, a scandal  amounting up to USD40 million!Why the lack of action against Fujimori, dear Jose Ruaz? Were your people like yourself paid by the Fujimori family to whitewash the allegations? (Source:CBS)

Your country will be having its Presidential Elections next year with 5 candidates contesting, 4 of whom are rumoured to be under investigation for multiple crimes that also include: corruption!! (insert surprised emoji here). Mr Garcia is currently charged with housing bribery worth USD850,000 while Mr Toledo is investigated in a corruption scandal that involved some USD5 million. (Source: The Americas)

Our country on the other hand, is progressing its position in the Corruption Index, with 52 points (2014), 50 points (2013) and 49 points in 2012. It is not too much to say that Malaysia is advancing well unlike your country Mr Ugaz, always consistently placed poorly up till today. It is undoubtedly offensive and discourteous to belittle a host country that is progressing rapidly against corruption when yours belong to the group of countries which fails to curb corruption.

Please do us a favour by returning to your home country and feel free to be embarassed by your foolish speech about a country whose corruption index is better that yours. Stop mortifying Peru and start apologizing to Malaysia and its people for your slanderous speech. Now we expect you to commit suicide by a single gunshot to the head as a form of sacrifice for your stupidity. 

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